Menu 1 (per head)

Starter : Samoosa, Chillie Bites & Spring Roll, served with Chutney

Main Meal: Pot Roast Saucy Chicken, served with Potato Wedges, Fresh Stir, Green Salad

Dessert: Custard, cream Trifle

Menu 2 (per head)

Starter : Puri Patta, served with Chutney & Fresh Garden Salad

Main Meal: Oven Grilled masala Sheesh Kebaabs served with 2 Roti & chutney

Dessert: Semolina Pudding, served with coconut Badaam

Menu 3 (per head)

Starter : Sweet & Sour Chicken wings served with fresh garden salad

Main Meal: Lamb Biryani , served with, sides Dhey and Kachumer

Dessert: Custard Trifle served with Cream Pistato

Menu 4 (per head)

Starter : Aaloo Dosais and Puri Pata

Main Meal: Mutton Biryani served with the finest of salad and dhey

Dessert: fruit salad and ice cream

Menu 5 (per head)

Starter : Mini potato & Chicken Roti Rolls

Main Meal: Saucy masala Pot roast Chicken served with, Fresh Butternut, Basmati Rice and Katchumer

Dessert: Samolina dessert with pistas

Menu 6 (per head)

Starter : Masala mince logs served with Chillie Sauce

Main Meal: 
Grilled Prawns,10 served with Chips, fresh vegies & Salad

Fresh Homemade cheesecake

Menu 7 (per head)

Starter : Sheesh Kebaab served with Aloo parata & mini salad

Main Meal: 
Grilled Steak masala , served with fried chips & Garlic Roll & Salad served

Dessert: Mini cream Eclairs or Rice Pudding

Menu 8 (per head)

Starter : Sev, served with coconut and cream Pistatos

Main Meal: 
Butter chicken served with Sella Basmati Rice, Fried Aloo, & Achaar
Phirni, served with nuts and coconut

Menu 9 (per head)

Starter : Fried samosas, Bahjias, served with red Chutney

Main Meal: Grilled Crumbed fillet served with Baked potato, mushroom Sauce, & fine Garden Salad

Dessert: Caramel and banana dessert

Menu 10 (per head)

Starter : Meatball Platter

Main Meal: Grilled Chops, served with Baked Potato ,Cheesy fresh cream Sauce ,served with fresh garden vegies, & Garlic Roll

Dessert: Pyramed cheesecake

Menu 11 (per head)

Starter : Grilled Chic wings, Tender Chicken nuggets served with Mayo green salad

Main Meal: 
Daal Ghos served with the finest of Basmati rice , Aloo fry, and chutneys

Rich Baklavas 2

Menu 12 (per head)

Starter : Bhajyas and Samoosas ,served with red masala sauce

Main Meal: 
Kurie, Kitchrie served with aloo fry, papper and fried steak & green chutney

Dessert: Fresh home made milk tart

Menu 13 (per head)

Starter : A feast of delicious mini sandwiches

Main Meal: 
Chicken Khalia served with Roti 2 or Rice & Katchumer

Dessert: Fresh Fruit Salad & Ice Cream

Menu 14 (per head)

Starter : Savoury Muslim mini Platter

Main Meal: 
Fresh Fish curry served with aloo lagan & roti

Custard Trifle, served with nuts

Menu 15 (per head)

Starter : Toasted French Bread, served with mini grilled Steak & Salad

Main Meal: Creamy Chicken Paste, stir fry vegies & Garlic Roll

Dessert: Gulaab Jumbo Dessert

Menu 16 (per head)

Starter :Lucknowi Kabaabs, salad

Main Meal: Spicy Grilled Chicken Legs served with Potato Wedges , Garden fresh Butternut & mielies

Fresh Sago Pudding

Please note all the above buffets recipes all strictly halaal, and made of high quality spices and SANHA approved. Please note there will be a Fee for Any type of Delivery